Economic Survey of India 2012-13: Retail sector

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These are the snippets from the Economic Survey 2012-13, that talked about the Indian retail environment:

“The government has also taken a number of steps to revive investment and growth. These comprise …. Permitting FDI in a number of areas including multibrand retail, power exchanges, and civil aviation; increasing investment in irrigation, storage and cold storage networks; and undertaking programmes to improve the production of protein foods”

“Another critical issue is supply-chain management in agricultural marketing in India. It is necessary to evolve mechanisms for linking wholesale processing, logistics, and retailing with farm-production activities so as to generate enhanced efficiency, better farm prices, etc. Recently the government allowed FDI in retail, which can pave the way for investment in new technology and marketing of agricultural produce in India.”

“Another critical issue is supply chain management in agricultural marketing in India. Farmers' access to markets is hampered by poor roads, rudimentary market infrastructure, and excessive regulation. Many agricultural crops are perishable in nature and post-harvest handling issues and marketing problems affect the farm incomes. It is necessary that we evolve mechanisms for linking wholesale processing, logistics and retailing with farm-production activities so as to generate enhanced efficiency, better farm prices, etc. The private sector should be allowed to operate in developing these market linkages for which suitable reforms will help. Recently the government allowed foreign direct investment (FDI) in retail, which has been supported by many farmer organizations as well, and it can pave the way for investment in new technology and marketing of agricultural produce in India.”“An efficient supply chain that firmly establishes the linkage between retail demand and the farmer will be important.”

 “As a part of policy reform process, the FDI policy is being progressively liberalized on an ongoing basis in order to allow FDI in more industries under the automatic route. Some recent changes in FDI policy, besides consolidation of the policy into a single document include FDI in multi-brand retail trading up to 51 per cent subject to specified conditions; increasing FDI limit to 100 per cent in single-brand retail trading;”

"The government amended the policy on single-brand retail trading, amending the conditions relating to :

(i) the foreign investor being the owner of the brand: it has been specified that, henceforth, only one non-resident entity, whether owner of the brand or otherwise, shall be permitted to undertake single brand product retail trading, for the specific brand, through a legally tenable agreement, with the brand owner and

(ii) mandatory sourcing of at least 30 per cent of the value of products to be done from Indian 'small industries/ village and cottage industries, artisans and craftsmen', applicable in respect of proposals involving FDI beyond 51 per cent: It has been specified that, sourcing of 30 per cent of the value of goods purchased, will be done from India, preferably from MSME, village and cottage industries, artisans and craftsmen, in all sectors.”


“The government has decided to permit FDI up to 51 per cent, with FIPB approval, in multibrand retail trading, subject to specified conditions.”

Overall the year 2013-14 is projected to be better for most of the sectors, except retail trading, which is projected to have negative growth in profitability. This negative growth is contributed by two factors—one is the base effect with high profit after tax (PAT) growth in the year 2012-13; and the other is an expected shrinking of margins in 2013-14 due to increase in operating costs and price cuts driven by high competition”

“As per the A.T. Kearney, Global Retail Development Index 2012 report, India ranked at 5th place remains a high-potential market with accelerated retail market growth of 15 to 20 per cent expected over the next five years. While the overall retail market contributes 14 per cent of India’s GDP, organized retail penetration remains low, indicating room for growth. Brazil tops the ranks with retail sales accounting for 70 per cent of Brazil’s consumer spending, followed by Chile, China, and Uruguay. In India, the food and beverages segment is seeing increased activity from foreign players, and grocery remains India’s largest source of retail sales. Hypermarkets and supermarkets continue to dominate the organised retail market, but cash-and carry is growing fast, with significant expansion planned from Bharti Wal-Mart, Metro Group, and Carrefour. Apparel is expected to grow by 9 to 10 per cent annually for the next five years. Players such as Zara, Marks & Spencers, and Mango are actively scouting locations to open more stores across the country. The luxury retail sector saw 20 per cent growth last year, with luxury malls becoming entrenched in Delhi, Mumbai, and Bangalore.”

“Since 2006, India allowed FDI in single-brand retail to the extent of 51 per cent. In January 2012, the government removed restrictions on FDI in the single-brand retail sector, allowing 100 per cent FDI and from September 2012. FDI in multibrand retail has been allowed up to 51 per cent under the government route and subject to specified conditions. While agricultural products could get vastly improved access to markets with the growth of modern retail trade, the revenue to the government could also increase, as at present the retail sector is largely unorganized and has low tax compliance.”

“..with the recent announcement of reform measures at regular intervals including mild relaxation in the monetary and credit policy, sectors like retail, construction, and telecom are expected to perform better.”


“Studies indicate that there has been a strong competitive response from the traditional retailers to these organised retailers, through improved business practices and technological upgradation,"

“Farmers stand to benefit from the significant reduction in post-harvest losses expected to result from the strengthening of the back-end infrastructure, which would enable the farmers to obtain a remunerative price for their produce”

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Nike Free Running  Mais, en série limitée, il n'était pas équipé de la technologie dévoilée ces jours-ci. Plus récemment, à l'automne 2015, Nike a fait monter la pression, en mettant en ligne une vidéo de l'acteur américain Michael J. Fox montrant une autre version des chaussures, qui étaient, cette fois, déjà secrètement dotées du dispositif des HyperAdapt, mais sans détail. Excepté la promesse, au printemps, d'informations. Promesse tenue. La vidéo a été dévoilée un  octobre, date à laquelle Marty McFly débarque dans le futur en compagnie de Doc dans Retour vers le futur . Nike a aussi évoqué le prochain lancement de chaussures de ce type destinées à d'autres sports, comme le running et le basket-ball.

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This was helpful. This also

This was helpful. This also shows that FDI in retailing is such a major policy breakthrough for the policy makers.

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