Glossary of retail terms

Hey, this is just to draw your attention to the fact that we have added a new and our own 'RetailRise Glossary', you can access the same by clicking at Retail Glossary or through the main menu(just below the header banner)

So you now now where to come in case you have a doubt about what exactly the GMROI means or what is Layaway or what is meant by "Sell through rate" etc .. you got the idea.So please go ahead and spend some time in that section. No list as we know, can be comprehensive, so please suggest the terms that we have missed and better still provide your own definition in comments..all this help and collaboration is what the mission of this portal is(I hope that the admin agrees :), who btw updated the content on my request as I am still finding my way on this site)

Ohh yeah, I forgot to introduce myself.. but whats the point? For now all I can say is that I'll be moderating the careers section on this site(at least for the next 2 months). So from now onwards you can expect some pretty useful gyaan flowing from this side.



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