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Amazon vs FlipKart vs Snapdeal, their DNA and where is this eCommerce showdown headed for?

We are all familiar with Microsoft Excel as “the spreadsheet program”. However, do you know that it wasn’t Gates or his company that invented the spreadsheet programs? The first such tool (& a revolutionary one at that) was VisiCalc. VisiCalc gathered all the well-deserved hype for some years but as the spreadsheets and their utility was getting established, it was overtaken by Lotus 123. Lotus did enjoyed a bit more extended run at the top, it created thousands of spreadsheet users and perhaps millions of businesses problems were solved using it. Still, did it receive the real benefit of creating this whole new business category? NO, it was Microsoft and its more user friendly tool (although heavily deriving the main functionalities from VisiCalc & Lotus 123) that eventually established itself as the market leader. Microsoft has sold millions of its copies in last 2 & a half decades and continues to dominate the spreadsheet business.

This story clearly establishes that category inventor, category creator and category dominator could very well be three different companies.

Closer home, in online classified field, Sulekha Classified was the buzzing name some 8 years back. But then, more nimble, cash rich, focused and technically superior players came and they just pushed the early mover/incumbent out of picture.

Here also, Sulekha Classified created awareness of the possibility of such transactions for more than 5 years, and just when the business picked up and some monetization seemed possible, it had to relinquish the space to OLX & Quikrs’ of the world.

The Great Exchange offer of Big Bazaar

Big Bazaar is currently running their much awaited ‘The Great Exchange Offer’. Every year since 2009, they have run this offer during this time of Feb-March. In essence they offer tempting rates for your junk (Old news papers for 30 Rs/Kg for example) that are too good to resist, you get exchange coupons for your old items and the same can be redeemed against the new purchases.

Following are the rates being promised for some of the items:

AT Kearney's Global Retail Development Index 2012

As per the current AT Kearney Global Retail Development Index (GRDI 2012) rating, India remains an attractive market for (modern) retail business for global retailers.

The rankings are dominated by Latin American countries like Brazil(has been on top of this list for 2 consecutive years now), Chile(2nd), Urugway(4th) & Peru(10th). This can be largely attributed to better political stability and a steady economic growth the region is experiencing.


GRDI ranking 2012GRDI ranking 2012

Impact of Union Budget on the Indian Retail sector

After the big bang reform of allowing up to 51% FDI in multi-brand retail, a lot of action was expected in the retail sector. Surprisingly, we have seen just interest & no concrete action on part of major global retailers; Wal-Mart & TESCOs of the world are in no hurry to enter in to the bylanes of Indian marketplace.

The economy is sluggish with projections of GDP growth slowing down to ~5% levels. In such scenario, sentiment in the retail sector is bound to be low and a lot of expectations were built around the budget.

In this backdrop let us analyze the union budget 2013-14 and what does it mean for the Indian retail sector:

The Positives first:

5 things that the Organized retailers can learn from Kirana and vice-versa

It's a world of cut throat competition and more of often than not it results in a very narrow view of the world for most of the companies. As the objective is focused on beating the competitors, benchmarking studies starts replacing consumer studies. The situation worsen if your view of competition is limited to only company X or Y. 

Talking about retail, why can't the retail biggies learn something from the Kirana format? In fact the stores that have learnt a few things(like Big Bazaar) are a lot more successful than the copy-paste versions of western formats.

Shrinkage in retail, a comprehensive update - Part2

Shrinkage levels in india at 3%, seriously? Perhaps yes, but the culprit is not the average consumer. For one the art of shoplifting has not achieved the status and maturity of western world, moreover in most of the stores, systems are designed by assuming that the customer is there to steal something (like checking the bags, bag deposits, frisking etc).  But if we take the data as given, what are the ways to stop this menace?

Shrinkage in retail, a comprehensive update - Part1

Do you know the link between baby formula, Levi’s jeans and Gillette razors?

Globally, these three are the most popular targets of retail theft :)

Such retail thefts are part of Shrinkage. Shrinkage in retail context is basically the difference between book stock and actual stock. It can also be defined as :

THE GRAND BRAND PARADOX being a normal middle class college going student is seriously a victim of this grand brand paradox.the question is what is this GRAND BRAND PARADOX?

Private Labels and their increasing importance for Indian retailers

This article is about private labels, their importance, a comparison of global and Indian scenario and the trend that we are likely to see in India.

Impact of economic slowdown on retail scenario

Compare the exuberance that existed in the retail sector one year ago to the extreme cautiousness of the present date.

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